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Amalthia's Music Videos

Hello and welcome to my music video website. I hope you enjoy the videos. All feedback is appreciated.

Updated: May 13, 2008 - Becoming a Hero

Stargate Atlantis

Becoming a Hero

Completed: 5/12/08
Song Title & Artist:
Brian Tyler- Children of Dune - Main Ttile (House Atreides)
Download: 9MB WMV, 18MB AVI
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The Kiss

Completed: 2/28/05
Song Title & Artist:
The Kiss - Last of the Mohicans
Episode: The Eye
Pairing: Sheppard/Weir
Download: 6MB, 22MB

Star Trek: TNG theme

Completed: 6/13/05
Episodes: First Season
Summary: made for the intro challenge on Kawoosh.
Download: 6MB, 14MB

Left Behind 

Completed: 8/01/05
Song Title & Artist: Captain Nemo - Sarah Brightman
Episodes: Season 1
Lyrics: Captain Nemo
Download: 17Mb, 40Mb
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Completed: 9/01/05
Episodes: Season 1 and 2
Song Title & Artist: Runaway - Linkin Park
Lyrics: Runaway
Download: 10MB, 24MB
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Stargate SG-1

One More Shot

Song Title & Artist: Give Me One More Shot - Kansas
Summary: Daniel Dying Challenge on Kawoosh! 
Download: 8MB, 15MB




Completed: 01/09/06
Song Title & Artist: Run - Snow Patrol
Lyrics: Run
Dedicated to Maygra: This is mostly in thanks for writing so many wonderful stories and because you had it on your X-Mas Wishlist. :)
I'd also like to thank Jake for all his help. Thank you.
Download: 15MB, 40MB
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